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All-star Prep Cheerleading

All-star Prep Info

What is All-star Prep?

All-star Prep is the PERFECT program for those who are interested in cheering on a competitive team and are working on Level 1 tumbling skills.  All-star prep teams focus on developing all Level 1 skills including stunting and tumbling.  All-star Prep IS NOT recreational!  Our Prep teams wear the same uniform and compete just like our “regular” all-star teams!

Why choose All-star Prep?

Prep is a fantastic level for younger athletes.  We want our athletes to learn and HAVE FUN!  Prep allows younger and newer athletes to have a blast while learning all the Level 1 skills they will need for a strong foundation in their cheer careers.

What teams/age groups do you offer?

We have the perfect prep team for athletes ages 5-14!

TINY – Ages 5-6
MINI – Ages 7-8
YOUTH – Ages 9-11
JUNIOR – Ages 12-14

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